Channeled reading

If you feel unsure about your next steps in life, career, relationships and like you’ve tried it all but nothing seems to give you the lasting results you’ve been looking for. Then this channeled reading is for you… 

let me serve as your momentary channel, A messenger through which you gain clarity on where to go next. 

This channeled reading

is for you if:

You have done the work and still feel stuck, like there is an invisible ceiling keeping you from achieving your goals.

You’re constantly drawn to new courses/coaches that appear to hold the answer to your problem, but after initial momentum and excitement the results fizzle out and you’re left feeling like something is missing.

You’ve felt these moments of clarity around what’s holding you back from the life you want, yet somehow the problem keeps showing up in different ways.

Your overwhelm and self-doubt are so loud that practices like meditation don’t consistently help you feel clear on where to go next. 

I am not your solution, YOU are. I am here to guide you back home to yourself, so that you may clear what’s truly holding you back from living a fulfilling and free life.

this channeled reading creates a space in which you can connect to your true self.

When I first began my spiritual journey I tried every practice, course and coach I could get my hands on, hoping it would lead to feeling fulfilled.

It wasn’t until I came across the practice of channeling, that I understood where I’d gone wrong all this time. I was looking for someone to give me the solution, when I was the solution

Now instead of trying to find courses and coaches to fix my problem, I was asking my highest self for guidance on my next aligned step. Sometimes it still led me to coaches and courses, but because I no longer looked to them to “fix” me, I was able to extract exactly what I needed without the disappointment.

The more I trusted the channeled messages and actioned them, the more fulfilled my reality became. 

Not long after, I started consciously asking my channel for guidance for my 1-1 clients during our sessions, which led to some major breakthroughs.

I believe that everyone is a channel. However, I also know that my channel wasn’t always accessible to me when I felt overwhelmed or anxious about where my life was headed. Which is where channeled readings come in.

Let me serve as your momentary channel. The portal through which you connect to your highest self and gain clarity on what you need to do next. So that you can reconnect with the voice that’s been squashed down below the loudness of overwhelm, and self-doubt.

Let me serve as your self-healing facilitator, so that you might remember who you’ve always been, and reconnect to your light within.

what happens when you start living a fulfilled life?

A fulfilled life creates a positive ripple effect on your entire environment.

because people who feel good do good. 

For maybe the first time you wake up with a clear sense of direction. You know exactly what to do and trust fully that when you don’t know your intuition will drop you the perfect hint that aligns with your life goals.

Having spent so many years caught up in the perpetual merry-go-round of self-defeating thoughts, your new found connection to your inner guidance system is your driving force. Your ability to know yourself at a deeper level has allowed you to see others in the same light which has added a beautiful dimension to your relationships and environment.

You wake up in the morning feeling energized and excited to take on the day, you get up and walk to the bathroom, in the mirror you take a moment and smile. A wave of pure gratitude flows over you as you realize how far you’ve come for your first thought about yourself to be a positive one.

You know that your contribution to the world matters, and feel excited to be supporting the planet and the people in it with your natural gifts. Gone are the days where you feel like your daily work is holding you back from your purpose. 

What is included?

A 45-60 min channeled reading where you get to ask and receive answers on any topics that have been holding you back. 

 During our session I create a portal between myself and your highest guides, I then transmit the divine wisdom needed to support you on the journey towards your highest purpose. Throughout you are free to ask questions related to anything that is happening in your life, from career to relationships or general guidance on where to focus next. 

The channel only responds with the highest intentions and tends to be clear and concise in what needs to come through. In addition I use Reiki as an integrative healing modality to support you in receiving the messages by soothing emotional and mental blockages during the session. 

This is for people looking for direct guidance and on the spot messages to support their journey towards fulfillment.  

Your investment – €111,-



Thanks so much for the channeling session. It was a very special and beautiful moment of engagement and light. Before the reading, I was having a regular day, going on with my routine and somehow rushing a bit through my daily tasks. The reading was a moment of real calmth and connection. It truly felt like having a conversation with myself. You created a safe space where there was time and quietness to ask questions and also provide my own answers. I learned it was possible to let these parts understand each other instead of competing for my attention. During and after the session I was able to visualize what you were describing through the channel, I could see my energies, my fears, my wounds, and my love. I was able to localize them in my body and see how this somehow was radiating to other aspects of my self. As it was during the solstice, I went on a walk in the last lights of the longest day, here I could process and bring these deep feelings into consciousness, giving the space for them to have their conversation. And I know, it's a journey ❤️

-Tamara R.

I'm a strong believer that you find the people you are meant to work with. Ayanna came into my life at a time when I was struggling to find focus and direction. I had spent lots and lots of time listening to free and paid courses on all kinds of topics, but I continued to feel like there was a missing link. I kept searching for more information, that *one thing* I needed to know, the final piece that would just set me off with all the momentum I needed. At the same time, I was feeling frustrated and like I was wasting time. Why couldn't I just get something done?? Here's where Ayanna's reading came in. Through our session I received the clarity and validation that I didn't need anything else. I was overly consuming other people's content and being disappointed because it was THEIR way of doing things and it didn't quite fit for me. Ayanna helped me see that what I need to do is focus on MY way. My way is exactly the right way. Even if it's messy at first, the way I want to do things is going to be the best way. The message to stop consuming other's content was clear and it gave me the permission to let that all go, breathe and be still. I spent the last week processing the reading. I've turned away from the numerous trainings I have downloaded, and instead worked on releasing and just being. I know this releasing will allow me to come back to what I am truly called to do. The way I was brought here to do it. I'm so grateful Ayanna was able to channel this information for me. Sometimes we just need someone else to clear away the confusion for us to see where we need to go next!

-Arden M.