002 A Journey to Self-Realization Through Intentions

by | Aug 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Sometimes it takes something drastic to open our eyes to the changes that need to happen. In this episode Ayanna shares about how the grief of a loved one passing away, helped her realize how unhappy she was in her seemingly perfect life. All of a sudden, the path she had set out for herself, no longer felt like her own. This brought up some major questions like: “What do I want?” and “Why am I here?”. Join her as she guides us through how she naturally came to answer these questions, and how it led to her intentions for Lessons & Soulfessions. We also talk about:
  • How being truly present in the moment, naturally answers these major questions.
  • How we are conditioned to seek external validation and why this is our #1 block to purpose.
  • How we can use doubt and curiosity to guide us to our truth.
  • How happiness really is the key.
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