I’m here to guide you back home to yourself. To move away from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unclear about your purpose to a place where you feel excited to get up every morning because you know that you’re here for a reason and look forward to living it.

Soul Purpose Facilitator

A channel for your soul’s messages

I’m not here to give you some step-by-step playbook on how to find your purpose. I’m here to guide you back to YOU. To your own intuitive playbook that is uniquely meant for you. Because your purpose is YOURS, and an inevitable outcome when you follow your intuitive guidance and joy.

Hi, I’m Ayanna Colden

Nice to meet you!

I’m a Soul Purpose coach who uses astrological blueprints to help women remember who they are and reconnect to their inner wisdom.

A huge part of my journey was realizing that I had no idea who I was. As I started to read every self-development book available, I looked around and wondered if I was living the life I truly wanted. I realized the answer was a resounding ‘NO’, and became nearly paralyzed by fear thinking…’I have no clue what I want in it’s place.’

I found myself depleted and giving from an empty cup for so long, I forgot what a full one felt like. I embarked on a spiritual awakening only to find myself overwhelmed by the overload of information available and ready to pretend like I hadn’t awoken at all.

If you feel like you’ve given from an empty cup for longer than you can remember. Like you have lost your sense of self and wonder if you even have a purpose. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve been there and I promise, you too have a purpose. Let me support you in embodying your most satisfied, radiant and abundant self. Sound like a dream come true? Learn more about how to work with me below…

“Release the story,

retrieve the lesson”

How to connect to your soul purpose?

Soul Purpose Blueprint

If you want to move from asking big life questions like “Who am I?” or “Why am I here” to having clarity on your purpose and ready to take action in 90 minutes. Then this is for you…

Channeled Reading

If you want to move from unsure about next steps in life, career or relationships to having direct clarity on how to move forward from source in 45 minutes. Then this is for you…


Overcome your abundance blocks with this meditation

Our beliefs drive our actions and our actions shape our reality. In this meditation I guide you to uncover the beliefs that are holding you back from the fulfilling life you desire.



Ayanna worked her magic right from the start, providing me with a grounding breath work practice that really got me in my body and allowed me to speak from a place in my heart rather than in my head which was part of my struggle. Her presence was calm and gentle and I felt safe to share with her. She used visualizations that helped me envision and embody what I wanted for my future business but also brought a practical element by asking clarifying questions and really listening for the answer and giving tools and techniques that I can use whenever I come up on a blockage. What she did for me was help me clear out the noise of my mind and tap into my truth.

-Abmari S.

Ayanna has helped me get through a very challenging period of my life. With her help I was able to tune into my own instincts and trust in my own abilities to recognise what I need. It was great to be guided back on track without feeling dependent on anyone but myself. I can recommend Cosmicoaching to everyone who needs help connecting to your intuition.

-Marie G.

I love astrology! I'm self-taught and like to think I know a bit, having had a natal chart reading and spent many hours reading online, but it turns out I didn't know that much after all. Thank goodness for Ayanna's Soul Purpose Reading! She shed light from an astrological perspective, but she also integrated Human Design and Gene Keys - music to my ovaries! This gave me further direction and guidance (the true Projector that she is!) about my codes of potential, what magic I have inherently within me, and how to use this energy in life and my business! As she imparted her wisdom to me, her passion, expertise, and humor were incredible to witness and receive. She made me laugh out loud and see myself FULLY. Ayanna provided a digestible direction about my purpose (which luckily wasn't complete news to me - never is, right?) and suggested exploration questions that helped me shed further light on my life, business, and unique magic. Thank you! So grateful for this and you.

-Nicola C.


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